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Education in the New Paradigm

A Warm Welcome!

The human collective is re-awakening to their true power and natural skills and abilities after thousands of years in a state of separation and disempowerment. 

Our true power is more easily accessed at a young age when we are more connected to Who and What we truly are. 

This is why we felt inspired to create AWAKEDU a space where both children and adults can discover, play, express and practice their natural skills.

Some of these abilities used to be considered supernatural when in fact they are very natural to Humans. It is a joy to rediscover these so-called mystical and magical human abilities: developing our inner senses and guidance and being able to connect and communicate with the sentient world around us. These are not just fun to explore but also help us navigate our everyday lives with joy and ease. 

AWAKEDU offers practical training in a fun and supportive group learning environment through “playshops” and classes that cultivate connection, expansion of awareness and empowerment.

What natural human abilities will you or your child discover today? 

We, The Awakedu Community, can hardly wait to see what is possible next!



Our Vision

A planet of loving, awake and empowered creators of

a thriving and joyous Human experience.


Our Mission

Bringing back the natural ways of Learning, Co-creation, and Mastery of Self and Life!


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What You Can Find Here...

  • Guidance for parents and adults how to become the leading example of embodying the new world we want to see.

  • Workshops on creating the most supportive environment for children to find and express their unique talents and abilities. 

  • Tools to identify children’s strengths and help them become the best version of themselves. 

  • Playshops based around a wide variety of interests.  Mystical skills,emotional intelligence, life skills and community building to name a few.  

  • Monthly zoom calls to connect with the community and brainstorm and exchange ideas and experience. 

  • Exploring different ways in which children express their strengths and interests.

  • Inspiration, ideas and support!


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Guidance for parents and educators to help identify children’s strengths, abilities and talents as well as helping us facilitate and support a very healthy educational process of learning using a child's natural intrinsic ability.



Classes and Playshops

Helping adults and children alike embody the New Paradigm way. Become a leading example for future generations to map to. Help children and youth become the absolute best version of themselves ... not just for themselves but for their communities as well.

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