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Kids Blowing Bubbles

Our Story

In April 2020 several visionaries came together with the intent to help build a new type of education system, one that is in harmony with our natural state of being and creating life.


This idea came from the recognition that the current education system throughout most of the world was not supporting the upbringing of empowered aware individuals.


Little did we know, we were on the verge of a major, worldwide change that affected society in profound ways.  We were now being called to review all aspects of our lives and question the systems that had been in place for millenia. 


A major aspect of our vision is that all persons come in with unique talents and abilities and are the most happy and fulfilled when they express those fully. They become part of a larger whole and support the collectives they’re a part of in marvelous ways.


As most of us had been passionate about or personally involved in education for most of our lives, we felt this was an area we were most capable of contributing to.

*How does a child become the most aware and powerful

version of themselves?

*How do they recognize, develop and express their talents and skills

in a way that supports their personal lives

as well as the communities they are a part of?

*How do they become the happiest

and most fulfilled members of society?

The intent to find answers to these questions was the foundation to our inspiration to create AWAKEDU.  And if you’re reading this, in your own ways,  you are very likely to be part of this world-wide process too.

We come from cultures and backgrounds as varied as the planet. We do have members with degrees and experience in education, moms, homeschooling parents, yoga teachers, journalists, linguists, nutritionists, artists, mystics, transformational empowerment coaches and architects. What brings us together is the desire to use these abilities to help the new generation and their parents fully step into their power and use it consciously to create a more supportive and empowered experience of reality. 


One of the first steps on this process was taking some of our own children out of school and starting homeschooling.

Meet the Team

Milena, is a Communication Ninja with the heart of an Angel and the soul of a Mystic. Our “resident beauty” is always there with words of encouragement or a spunky joke. She recently returned to her native Bulgaria after spending almost 20 years in Boston, United States. As a journalist and a teacher, Milena’s multilingual and linguistic skills allow her to create magic with words.  Combining her nature as Seer she has the ability to help others move forward by creating a space of self-expression and love. And an added bonus-she’s our hugger extraordinaire.


Iliana, our resident supermom, architect, artist, movement and art therapist as well as a psychic life coach was born and raised in Mexico City. A master organizer and go-getter, she loves a festive and busy life but her sanctuary has always been nature. She resides in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. Her passion for education and joy for children goes back to her childhood and expresses in every aspect of her life. As a Seer and a Mystic, she enjoys creating structure and ways to support communities to thrive and express in high frequency.

Sînziana, affectionately called Sînzi or Suzy, embodies the magick of her name, which means "fairy" and is also the name of a flower in Romanian. 

With over 12 years of teaching experience, she now intertwines her roles as an online English language teacher and a kids' mindfulness mentor. However, throughout time, her path has traversed diverse educational landscapes: from an Irish dance teacher and a Portuguese language teacher to a pre-primary educator in the Reggio Emilia approach to a teacher trainer, branch coordinator, and teacherpreneur.

Her superpower lies in swiftly finding the most effective ways to make things happen, guided by her intuition and vibrant energy that inspires and uplifts others. Moreover, her holistic teaching approach, innate curiosity, and fascination with nature and mysticism give an enchanting atmosphere to the classes she teaches, fostering an environment in which students can thrive.


The Inspiration of Awakedu!

Although our visionary is not longer part of the project we acknowledge her vision and love for education, and her heart for this project.


Dieneke,  our seer and visionary, lovingly called the mother of this project, has a relentless desire and ability to make things better and more harmonious. She’s a “builder” and  “gate-keeper” and little can escape her watchful eye. Dieneke began her journey as a primary school teacher. She lives in the Netherlands with her husband and 2 sons. She holds a vision of a harmonious, empowered and thriving society where holistic education is one of the major building blocks of it.

We want to acknowledge and extend our gratitude

to all the people who at some point were part of our journey

or gave time, inspiration and support

to make this project happen.

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