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How we play

1. Our Souls are, so we thrive to embody our highest frequency at all times.                       

2. We consciously choose to act from kindness, trust, support and compassion. 

3. We agree to have a high-frequency experience in all of our engagements.

4. We remember to have fun in our projects and interactions!

5. We recognize ourselves as response-able beings, we strive to be aware of how we act, what we do

    and say.

6. "Our Strength is Your Strength, Your Strength is Our Strength"

7. Our communication is always clear, honest and with the best intentions, both when speaking and in

    writing, even in cases of difference of opinion and/or disagreement. We act and respect other people's

    points of view and we do not engage in righteousness.


8. When feeling triggered by something we heard, just say for example, “I got triggered by this word or by

    what's being shared, I will take a few minutes to look at it”.


9. We do not take anything personally and we assume that it is not the purpose of others to harm us.

10. If we are presented with low frequency situations, we will respond to them only in high frequency. We

      refuse to host low frequencies or agree to such situations.


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